Efficient Split Scheduling Scheme for Traffic Balancing on Multi-Link Networks

  • Yong Qin, Chenggui Zhao
  • Published 2006 in First International Multi-Symposiums on Computer and Computational Sciences (IMSCCS'06)


In this paper, the authors propose a scheme of multilevel parallel scheduling and traffic balancing, based on multiple constraints of packet switch network. By linear mapping tiny subsets of route space to network links, we obtain the single solution and quantization formulation of split scheduling algorithm according to non-cooperative route scheduling strategy at single node. Furthermore, we also present the concept of link factor to descript the carrying capacity of links more accurately. The cyclic biding algorithm was designed to optimize the time-weighed property, which passes down the single solution to parallel controlling nodes and parallelizes the computation of IP header reorganization. It also was provided that the approximate method of computing the extended granularity of the controlling nodes


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