A Model Proposal for a Multi-Objective and Multi-Criteria Vehicle Assignment Problem: An Application for a Security Organization


Law enforcement agencies have great importance to provide peace and prosperity for the community. If the quality level of policing services is high, stability within the country will also increase. The law enforcement authorities transfer their policing services to people by means of using tools and equipment. In this study, this subject has been studied in order to improve the service quality of motor vehicles to increase efficiency in the assignments area. For the assignment of the vehicle, four main criteria and fifteen sub-criteria are defined. The criteria’s weights achieving the desired goal are calculated using the Analytic Network Process (ANP). The obtained weights have been subjected to the evaluation of performance in terms of each vehicle and each region where it can be assigned. The decision model with four basic objectives, containing service, cost, time and usage of technical capacity to ensure the use of vehicles at optimum efficiency, is designed. After weighting of the criteria, a mathematical model aiming at maximizing the service and the effectiveness of using the technical capacity of vehicle and minimizing the time and cost has been developed. The results are compared with the current situation. The study has been tested with three different scenarios having different objective priorities.


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