Three axial Accelerometer for Vibration Analysis


Three axis Vibration measurement means the vibration response of an object subjected to high or low frequencies. Motion measurement means detecting the velocity or the displacement of the object in question. Other factor to consider include special requirement such as specific measurement conditions, environment, regulations and standards with which the accelerometer must comply. A broad spectrum of accelerometer which respond to the varying needs and application within motion and vibration measurement. This adaptability is evident in the range of accelerometers designed for specific environments, industries tasks and condition, as well as general purpose instrument that provide a wide operational range. The main type of 3-axis accelerometer is Piezoelectric, IEPE, Piezoresistive, Variable capacitance accelerometer. The present study describes the development of a tri axial accelerometer (TA) and a portable data processing unit for the assessment of daily physical activity. The TA is composed of three orthogonally mounted uni axial Piezoresistive accelerometers. This paper is to discuss the numerical modeling of 3D structure of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) accelerometers. The general idea being discussed is the method of levitation force reduction, as the main source of incorrect mathematical model of comb drive structure.


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